Concert Lighting

If you have ever been to a big concert you may well have been impressed by the lighting Ė the big names spend an absolute fortune on getting this right. It isnít only the big names though that needs to be concerned with concert lighting though; in fact if you want to ensure the success of any such event you will need to take this into account. Concert lighting isnít just about making the stage look aesthetically pleasing to the eye; it also influences the mood and energy levels within the audience. If you get the lighting wrong you could easily ruin the need even though the performers are giving it their best.

Why is Concert Lighting So Important?

If a performer is playing on a stage without concert lighting it is hard to take them seriously. There has to be something that sets the stage apart from the rest of the room or outdoor area. Concert lighting focuses our attention and shows us where we need to look. This lighting also influences our mood; for instance it is possible to create a sudden burst of excitement by skilfully using strobe lights or search lights. If we want to take the mood down a few notches then we can do this with subdued lighting. When the room darkens before the performers arrive on stage it signals the audience that something important is about to happen; it focuses them by grabbing their attention Ė it also helps build the anticipation levels in the audience.

Clever use of concert lighting can turn an otherwise mediocre performance into something special; this is well known in the entertainment business and is why concert lighting is taken so seriously. It also gives a professional feel to the performers; if you have amateurish lighting you can be fairly certain that the audience is going to look at you this way too.

Tips for Getting Concert Lighting With a Limited Budget

Most of us canít afford the huge amounts of money that the big name performers can spend on lighting. This doesnít have to mean though that we canít create something professional looking even with a modest budget. Here are a few tips to help you get quality concert lighting on a limited budget.

  • Most venues will have some concert lighting already in place but this could be quite limited. You will probably need to at least supplement what is there with a few items that you either own or rent.
  • It can be a good idea to pick up a few second-hand concert lights; especially if this is something you are going to need regularly.
  • If you only need concert lights for a short time then the best option is probably to hire them. The benefit of hiring is that you will often get expert help with installing them and removing the concert lighting afterwards.
  • If you are going to buy your own concert lighting you will want to consider each purchase carefully to ensure that you donít waste money.
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