Event Lighting Design

You might not realise it but event lighting design really is an art form. It is tempting to think that this is just a matter of playing around and guesswork but there really is a science behind it. You can usually tell when an event lighting design has been completed by amateurs; it acts as a distraction rather than complementing the occasion. If you want an occasion to be special then you really will want to get the professionals in to help you choose the most optimal light design to help you achieve the theme you are after.

What an Event Lighting Design Can Achieve

Most successful things in life first require a bit of planning and event lighting is no exception. We now live in the age of computers and this makes planning like this a whole lot easier. Once you know the shape and dimension of the room or outdoor area where the event will be taking place you will be able to create a computer simulation. You will then be able to use this computer simulation to try out different designs. Many of the top event lighting companies have this facility and it really can be a great help.

Before you can even begin to consider the event lighting design you need an idea of the type of theme and ambience you want to create at the event. The type of lighting you choose will have a huge influence on the mood of the room so think about this carefully. Here are just a few examples of the type of theme you might want;

  • If you are giving some type of motivational talk then you will want the lighting to create an energetic mood within the audience. You will also want the lighting on the stage to emphasise your energy and excitement.
  • When you are trying to create a romantic feel then lights will be great for doing this; usually a mixture of red lights with dark areas and other subdued lighting.
  • If you plan to have people dancing then you will want specific lighting for this. Most of us donít feel confident about dancing in public under normal lighting but add some disco lights and you canít get us off the floor.
  • If you are responsible for arranging some type of awards ceremony you will likely want something bright and glitzy.

As you see it is important to have an idea about the theme of the occasion as this will have a huge impact on your final event lighting design.

Some Final Thoughts on Event Lighting Design

At the end of the day you will call the shots when it comes to event lighting design Ė it is a good idea though to take the advice of the professionals. Of course it is important that you deal with a reputable company to be sure that the advice you are getting is worth listening to. Always check their reputation before choosing any event lighting company.

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