Haze Lighting

If you want to create a special night then you might want to add haze lights to your lighting plan. These can work quite spectacularly and help raise the level of excitement in the room. Haze lighting is ideally suited for performances and those events where there is going to be dancing. Using haze lighting effectively can turn an average night into one that people won’t forget for a long time.

Should You Hire or Buy Haze Lighting?

If you intend to regularly have events then it might be wise for you to actually purchase our own haze lighting. Of course this very much depends on the level of use you expect to be getting out of them. If you are only going to be using haze lights for this one event then it probably wouldn’t make much sense to purchase them – you would be better off hiring. The other advantage of hiring these lights is that you can get them as part of your overall event lighting package; you should also be able to have them setup and removed by the hire company as part of the deal.

Some Tips for Getting the Most from Haze Lighting

Haze lighting can work really well at most events but they can be used in an ineffective manner. If you don’t use haze lights effectively it might detract from the event rather than benefiting it. Here are a few tips for getting more from haze lighting.

  • Haze lighting can work well at many events but not all. Think about the nature of the event you are organising and really consider if these lights are going to be appropriate. If they are used inappropriately haze lights can look a bit odd or seem like an unwanted distraction – you also need to be able to judge your audience with this type of lighting.
  • Haze lighting is a special effect but they will only be special if they are used sparingly. Things get old quickly and if you overuse haze lights at your event it can become a bit dull. Use these haze lights at appropriate times and it will have a much larger impact on your audience.
  • Make sure you consider a power source for your haze lights before the event; you don’t want any surprises on the day.
  • If you are unsure about the effect that haze lighting is going to have on your event you might benefit from looking at a computer simulation. These simulations are great for giving an idea about how things are going to work in reality; the better ones will allow you to input the exact dimensions of your venue.

Some Final Thoughts on Haze Lighting

Haze lighting can be a great choice for your event; it can really help turn it into a memorable occasion. These days many events follow similar themes and this makes them almost instantly forgettable; adding something like haze lights can make your event stand out from the crowd.

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