Mood Lighting

If you want to create a certain mood in any location then you can do this by playing around with the lighting. This is something we normally take for granted but lights can have a huge impact on our emotions. This is why mood lighting is a great choice if you are trying to create a certain ambience. People who organise events often don’t give enough attention to this important element and the occasion suffers as a consequence. If you want your party or other event to be a success make sure you consider mood lighting – lights will always create a mood whether you plan for them to or not.

Examples of How Mood Lighting Can be Used Effectively

We have probably all seen those scenes in movies where the hero turns down the lights because he wants to create the right mood to seduce the female lead. This is a good example of how mood lighting works – although it is a fairly crude example. It is possible to create almost any mood by using lights effectively and the type of lighting you choose will depend on the type of mood you are trying to create. Here are just a few examples of how this works in reality.

  • If you were giving any type of motivational talk you will probably want your audience to feel energised and focused. You can do this by the clever use of lighting; almost making the audience feels that they are up on the stage with you.
  • Romantic mood lighting is often just as much about darkness as it is about light. The colour red is often associated with seduction and red filtered lights can be used to set the mood.
  • If you want people to get up and dance then you will want to have disco lights and possible special effects lighting like strobe or xenon. Few of us have the confidence to dance in a normally lit room but when lights are used effectively you won’t be able to keep us off the dance floor. When it comes to any type of dance party mood lighting is crucial.
  • When you are trying to draw people’s attention to a centrepiece in the room you can do this using something like a spotlight.
  • If you have people on a stage then you will almost certainly want to think about mood lighting. For most performances you will need to use mood lighting to make the whole thing more engaging and interesting.

Some Final Thoughts about Mood Lighting

As you can see mood lighting can make a huge difference to any event and you will want to think about this carefully during the planning stage for your occasion. If you are having trouble deciding what you need in regards to mood lighting you might want to try one of the computer simulation programs; these can allow you to see the different effects that any combination of lights will have on a room.

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