Stage Lighting

Stage lighting is important because it helps draw people’s attention and in most cases it will make things more entertaining. If you have a room you need to use lights to differentiate the performer/ speaker from the rest of the audience – if you don’t have this you will likely find that people get distracted. The type of stage lighting you need to use will very much depend on the type of event that you are organising and the effects you want to create.

Tips for Choosing Stage Lighting

Here are just a few tips that will hopefully help you get the most from stage lighting.

  • If you want to get the most from stage lighting it is a good idea to use a computer simulation programme. This will allow you to see what effect the different lights will have on your stage. Some of the better computer simulations will allow you to input the exact shape and measurements of your stage so that you really get an idea of how things work.
  • For stage lighting it is likely that you are going to need some type of rig; if this is something that you have never dealt with previously then you will be best letting the experts organise things.
  • If you are only going to be using stage lighting for one or two events you might find that it is far more cost effective to hire the equipment. The other great advantage of doing things this way is that it will often mean that the hire company will come to install the lighting before the event and remove it afterwards – this saves you a lot of work and you it is reassuring to know that your lighting is being installed by people who know what they are doing.
  • Make sure you consider your power source for any stage lighting you plan to use. If you are going to have special effect lighting like strobe lights or spotlights you might find that these require special power requirements – you will want to find out about these well in advance.
  • If you want to get the best deals for hiring or purchasing stage lighting you may want to look online for the best deals. It is now usually cheaper to get things on the web and it is also far more convenient because it means less leg work.
  • You might want to consider purchasing second hand stage lighting if you want a good deal – just make sure that what you are buying is in good condition.
  • If you are going to hire stage lighting you will be wise to get more than one quote. There can be a wide variation in the hire cost for this type of item and you probably want to keep things affordable. It is never a good idea though to sacrifice quality too much in an attempt to save a few quid.
  • Remember that stage lighting is going to have a huge impact on the success of any event so you will want to think about them early on in your planning.
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