Types of Event Lighting

There are many different types of event lighting and so it is important that you understand your needs before approaching any hire company or purchasing any lights. There are countless effects that can be created with lighting and if they are used effectively they can turn any room or outdoor area into something special. The difference that lights make to an event should not be understated; if you want to create something special then you are going to have to consider lighting. Having any type of party or event in a room with just normal lighting will usually not work very well Ė add some lights though and you completely change the mood and ambience.

What are the Different Types of Event Lighting?

There are many different types of event lighting and the one that you will choose will very much be determined by the theme of your occasion. Here are just a few examples of what Iím talking about.

  • If you are going to be having some type of awards ceremony you will probably want to create a bright and glitzy feel. This will be achievable with the right type of lighting.
  • If you are going to have a dance floor then the event lighting and rigging will need to be set up in such a way as to clearly distinguish the dance floor from the rest of the room. If you donít use appropriate lighting people wonít feel comfortable dancing; even those who are normally wallflowers can come out of their shell and go dancing if the lighting is write.
  • Creating a romantic ambience is easy when you choose the right types of event lighting; this is usually something dark and intimate with shades of red light.
  • If you are going to have people up on a stage performing then you will want them to stand out. Stage lighting has to be done in a specific way to ensure that those who are performing or talking are the focus of the room.
  • If you have some type of centre piece that you want everyone in the room to notice you will need to use lighting for this.

As you can see there are many different types of lighting. If you take the time to fully consider the final effect that you want to create it will be much easier for you to get what you want.

Some Final Thoughts on the Different Types of Event Lighting

It can be tempting to downplay the importance of lighting at an event but this can be a huge mistake. This should be part of your planning from the beginning and that way you are more likely to end up with the types of event lighting that will be appropriate. If the lighting for an event looks a bit amateurish then this can put a bit of a dampener on the occasion. Sometimes it is worth spending a bit more money on lighting if it means that you end up with something that looks professional.

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