Xenon Lights

Xenon lights can create some truly impressive effects at any event where they are used. This is a lighting special effect that can give any party a boost; it is particularly effective at any event where dancing is involved. Xenon actually refers to a gas that is used in these lights; in most instances the xenon mixes with an electrical discharge to produce a really bright light. Xenon lights create something a lot more interesting than normal lights and this is what makes them so popular.

The Difference that Xenon Lights Can Make

When it comes to creating a party ambience it is important that you get the lighting right. Clever use of things like xenon lights is not just about making things look cool, but lighting greatly impacts our mood. Just picture the difference between a dance floor where there is just standard lighting and one with disco lights and strobe effects – I think you get the picture. If you want to create the mood where people are going to want to let their hair down you are going to have to think carefully about how you will use lights.

Xenon lights are considered a special effect, but if they are overused they don’t stay special for long. This means that if you are going to use them at an event you should do so sparingly - this way they will have a bigger impact on your audience. Just leaving the Xenon lights on throughout the event is not really going to work so effectively. It is also a good idea to mix things up with other types of lighting such as strobe.

If you are unsure about the effect that xenon lights are going to have on your event you might want to check out a computer simulation. Some of these simulations allow you to input the exact dimensions and shape of your room so you can really see how things will look in reality.

Where to Get Xenon Lights?

Where you get xenon lights will depend on your exact needs. If you are only going to be using these lights for one event then it is probably not going to be cost effective to purchase them – you might be better off just hiring them as part of an event lighting package. On the other hand if this is something that you intend to use frequently you certainly should consider purchasing your own.

Tips for Hiring Xenon Lights

Here are a few tips if you do think that hiring xenon lights is the best option.

  • You will more than likely get a better deal with xenon lights if you are hiring them as part of an event lighting package.
  • Always deal with a reputable lighting company as the quality of the lights will have a big effect on the success of the event.
  • Shop around for different quotes as this way you are more likely to get a good deal – try not to sacrifice quality for cheapness though.
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